Introduction Betting

TurfTrax Predictor

Using over 30 different factors including historical form and conditions on the day, the Predictor rates the chances of every horse in every race and compares with the value in the betting markets.

Preset your preferred betting options and you will be alerted to opportunities as they arise at 11:00 every morning. This feature can be found under My TurfTrax->'Bet Alerts

What does the Predictor offer ?
The Predictor gives you the percentage chance of a win and a place for all entries in a race (see fig 1). As a Standard subscription member you can view detailed performance data for each horse in the race.

Fig 1. Snapshot of Value Predictor for a certain race.
The TurfTrax Predictor shows you betting value information allowing you to maximise on your betting investment.

Fig 2. Snapshot of Standard Predictor for a certain race.

Fig 3. Snapshot of Best price selection
The integrated betting function allows you to bet immediately you see the value opportunity.

For information about the betting function visit the Betting section of this tour.

Introduction Betting
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